Monthly Archives: January 2018

It has been forever since I wrote on this blog! Today I felt like writing and thought I’d lay down some of the thoughts and feelings going around in my head, being in my mid-twenties. I’m later 27 this year and my main goal is to be working towards a career in an area I think I could feasibly work and thrive in and also get my live performing off the ground. A few of my friends are now deciding to settle down and start families, and a few are engaged or married already. The last few years since university have flown by, but kids are now also on the menu for many; I myself have decided to never have children but when I try to condense the reason, I end up thinking of loads:

1. I love my financial freedom, and freedom generally. I’ve sort of carried on the student lifestyle since leaving university, and will carry on doing so if I get a position I hope to apply for in September, doing librarianship studies. I like to have my own money and freedom to go after my creative pursuits, which I could never do if I had kids.

2. I’ve never had a paternal instinct. That’s it, really! I’ve never felt like I should be a parent or would be a good one. I think I’m okay with kids, but don’t really know what to say to them.

3. Risk of potential problems. Obviously if you have a child, there is an inherent possibility that something will happen to them, or by them. There is a lot of responsibility that comes with raising them, and worry which comes with it, for at least 18 years. This is basically something I’m happy to miss out!

4. People without kids are generally happier. It’s true, and all the survey’s show it. There are better prospects for long-term relationships for those couples who don’t reproduce.

5. Global overpopulation. Obviously the world and country is so overpopulated, and it’s only getting more condensed all the time. Not reproducing is better for the environment and the world as a whole. The last thing my country needs is an injection of a bunch of geeky white kids!

Thankfully nobody, including my family, particularly expects me to have a family of my own being in a same-sex relationship, so adoption or surrogate would at present, be my only options. I’m very lucky to have that natural barrier. But I love being childfree and would be interested to see if my attitude will change at all in five, ten years time. That’s one of the reasons I’m putting this here and it’s a good way to mark the resurgence of my blog as I inch towards 30. More posts to come!