Monthly Archives: November 2013

They met monthly

By the knitters at their desks and tables

Swapping fables, about

Their lives living alone,

How it always seemed slightly cold at home

And telling how good it is

To find a cappuccino haven

Or a boozy den

To talk, flirt, smile

And keep everything at bay for a while.


Time by time,

The venue would be different

‘How did you sleep last night?’

‘The neighbour kept me up, coughing,

And coffee by coffee by coffee,

I got through the day at work

And the thought of him and her

Put me off for another month.’

A month is nature’s most consistent cycle,

It’s when worlds shimmer and progress gets made.


‘Me, I think I’m just sad’,

The other replied.

‘I had to wait the other day and watched TV through someone’s window,

And I dream of authority, the parents of my youth,

Teachers, my reckless soul lost on life’s path.

Once a month, it’s nice to have you at my side’.

They each had a car

Which could take them relatively far,

Anarchy of this kind reigned in the country

Where our projects are ours & we build on what’s broken down.


And their projects were theirs

That’s what created the separation,

Forms the kind of relations,

You get living in the city

Meeting monthly for coffee

Pretending to be civilized

And it’s not that we’re not

But life wasn’t always this planned

And another month has gone –

Downhill for you, uphill for me.