Human’s Trial.

Find me an occupation

And move him out that big house

A real hurdle to clear this time

New laugh for a fresh faced crowd


I can’t put up with what others put up with

But ignore my pain

So find me someone to be

I can talk to them normally again


Find me an occupation

A useful claim on my body

That asks not too much of my head,

So the others I can somehow study


And late at night do you think I could do cards?

Like I did with that drunk driver

Get into household objects, make Polaroid’s

Or go with the grain, every common striver


I sometimes remember what school was like

When I see some kid’s young face

The path of most resistance

In this long and churlish race


Find me a job, concrete life

So I’m kept up at night, not keeping

When I’m in a cloud, I can only remain silent

A sleepy felt prick, hardly feeling


If we screw up yesterday’s newspapers

Can’t we screw up yesterday’s news?

Find me an occupation

‘Cos that’s a simple cruise


And you must feel that sense of duty

Perverting the room and the streets

For a cure we walk off with boys

And top ourselves up with sweets.


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