I’m Thinking of You If You’re Thinking of Me.

Is it you who turns the lamp on at night

Or paints the outside bin, 23

And keep the tap running, though he tells you not to

And makes this town so bright?


And is it true you breathe out softer air

And second my shadow, one two

Or are you simply here in these words

And do the words even care?


I know you turn yesterday into tomorrow

And guess the world secretly cares

And think one day you’ll be adored,

Then I started to follow


Do you still have to cross the park

With umbrella gents and tigers by the trees

And hold some prisoner, it should be me

Let them wander in the dark?


Is it you who tells me not to roam

I get this feeling often

A soft bullet for your illusions

And do you still smoke alone?


You said I was the death of chivalry

Scared by windows, the eyes of the house,

I tried my best to imitate

And saw disgusting turn to pretty.


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