Monthly Archives: April 2013

We arrive perfectly formed

In some delivery room,

A postbox in space

To try and replenish the death

And come up with something new

Or just good,

But end up as cheerleaders

And telly consultants

Til’ we fall asleep,

And the humming stops.

I can see why the gods were summoned.


I turned hills into mountains

Wandering in my young time

And I’d sleep by where the moss grows

To put the ugly years at bay

And if you saw me now

I’d turn winter into spring.


When I lived in the halls,

I used to catch a bus

To the station to see the lights

And I learned to walk the wind

I broke into sweat one day

And watched kids grow up.


I dreamt about a black smoke fire

Still can remember it now

And the ripping of the paper sheets

When dad finally left the office

If you could see me now,

I’d turn paper into machè.


A good days work ran out

After a week or so

And I heard that you’d been writing

Thought I’d give it a go

That was a week of raincoats

And you turned the rain to sun.


I promise you sit on my minds throne

Narrow Racket became our alley

And a woman came and sat beside me

Like you’d see in some European movie

Slipped me a stopwatch, said ‘not now, then when?’

And I made a church of your hands and lips.


That day, the bus never name,

And I have to play music to remember.

Is it you who turns the lamp on at night

Or paints the outside bin, 23

And keep the tap running, though he tells you not to

And makes this town so bright?


And is it true you breathe out softer air

And second my shadow, one two

Or are you simply here in these words

And do the words even care?


I know you turn yesterday into tomorrow

And guess the world secretly cares

And think one day you’ll be adored,

Then I started to follow


Do you still have to cross the park

With umbrella gents and tigers by the trees

And hold some prisoner, it should be me

Let them wander in the dark?


Is it you who tells me not to roam

I get this feeling often

A soft bullet for your illusions

And do you still smoke alone?


You said I was the death of chivalry

Scared by windows, the eyes of the house,

I tried my best to imitate

And saw disgusting turn to pretty.

What happens to

The ones who like sums?

Never to end up

Moping through the slums

Suzie was crawling,

The one with the neck tattoo,

The one it feels as though

She got just for you;

To see,

How far,

She goes.


A slow walk to trace my drunken will

The need to find me is now!

I’ll get the purest love from my friends

In the shadow of my fall.


One that I have,

You should see him

Tv in the window,

Wrappers on his car seat

Sometimes it feels

He does it cos’ he can

And we live because we can

And we live because we can


Even the ones who houses I recall vaguely,

And who’s biro pens I’ve accidently sucked

As we happen to cross paths in a decades time

On some short-haul flight,

Dashing through the night.


True love is in friends,

Who know a different me

Reminding me I’m English,

Or the unlikely tracksuit bird

Slowly becoming real,

The need to find me is now!

The need to find me is now!

I think I got from her.



An ape will

Bite you

Late at night you

Go where you want


April, April

A fake quill

Raped you

In your time you

Make ideal worlds




Put on the apron

Four months in

Get your act together


April, April,

Let’s go on a date, we’ll

Burn all our cards

And rise with the spring




You were the great fool

Work didn’t matter,

And you fell down again


April, April,

I ran into April

The way she laughed

She could never be June




Awash in a great pool

Of memories of you

And I can’t find the plug


April, April

I know in April

This doesn’t matter

In ideal worlds.