Five Little Riots.

Silence came calling

In its quietish way again

And inside we were dining,

It was shortly after ten.


I never noticed it before

Munching, munching, feet

They never sit in silence on

Coronation street.


What is that guy thinking?

And are we all on drugs?

Momentary sedation

In a room that needs some rugs.


Who is the emperor of quiet?

Did she shut up first?

Five heads, for five little riots

Tension’s not yet burst.


So silence came calling

I seem to know it well

I really, really love it

If you could never tell.


When are we accounted for?

Don’t we have a voice?

Someone answers ‘you do,

To use it is your choice’.

  1. Is this an experience with kids at dinner time? Feels like it to me!

    • I was thinking more about all of us, adults too, when there is nothing left to say.

      • Ah, that is an awkward time, yes. Isn`t it interesting how the same set of words can conjure different images for each reader, though?

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