In Your Way, You Win.

I knew of a guy

Who wanted to own the night

Street by street, yes

Light by light

The cars parked, indifferent

A familiar looking bin

He didn’t want to have

Another night in.


A letter might be cute

Some lovely in this world

Opposites repel

The shimmer of life’s gild

So we trade off crystal skulls,

We’re glad to ‘take the pair’

And when we try to laugh at this,

We start to lose our hair


At the stress of wanting serious

Or the stress of trying to impress

Now and then reminded

That these will never rest

The girl who covers the pavement

Swears she touched this land

It’s that time of the month again,

The pointless swollen gland


And all who own the eve,

In your way, you win

It stops you from having

Another night stuck in

Don’t leave love to chance

And don’t risk the streets

All of this we can own,

Underneath our sheets.


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