Birds or Bees.

What is it about Spanish girls

That makes me blush and curl my toes?

Their brown skin vs. my cheeky rose

I still hold high the world of girls.


What’s the big deal bout’ Brazillian chicks?

Or Peruvian, Uruguay, what a lovely mix,

Life is smooth, slower time ticks

Arguing about leather and the fashion world dicks.


And what can I say about Kosovan boys?

Mechanics at heart, they don’t need toys

Mild not meek, so no loud noise

Salty snot is the curse of all boys.


Well what did I learn, ladies of England?

Living in the south you expect a clammy hand

Something aint right if she’s awfully tanned

‘I’m all dropped off’, proud she makes her stand.


What hasn’t been written about he, the French lad?

Fields are large but the cows are mad,

Stripy tee’s okay, but only as a fad,

For French at school I was always malade.


And why not end up on Italian females?

I heard a rumour that they secretly have tails

And for all the sexual pleasure that entails,

It’s a shame they aren’t actually all males.


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