The Brain Gets What The Heart Wants.


Ideas are what I need, I thought

Take a walk around the block

See what sainsburys has in stock

Fog approached


I was worrying, again

About the imposing North Korean nuclear threat

Making the last of my happy

Bombarding my sentiments

To observers in the shadows

And into space

Bringing those who’re washing up for the third time that day

A moments recollection.


Then, I was mugged

Just because it was foggy.

In the moment, I comprehended

The absolute uselessness of the £1 coin.

My ego’s health took a cancerous blow in one,

Right by the halal butchers.


Cards declined, worries redefined,

No memories were helping me now

Nothing was

It was the point, in a way.

Just distantly, the sound of a potato waffle child coughing through a window,

Flu’s second attack of the year

Susceptible as I, to the blows on health.


Card declined, my card was declined

The fog was here


Ego acted: too kind

It pulled me back

I must’ve made it back, to write it all down

A better than average night, I had

An ego full of ideas

And a fools pound coin.


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