The streets look alive


Makes us survive


Happiness won’t end


My secret friend


I’m so happy, I’m so happy

You might’ve had it in your nappy

Constant caffeine made me a man

If you see me wearing fake tan

Click. Bang. Click. Bang.


Serotonin, serotonin

I know I’m nothing new

Serotonin, serotonin

You be happy too,

But how many think of your skeleton bones,

Lying in sleep with pleasurable moans



Creates the moaning

While your body turns to rust

My chemical baby,

Alive dinner lady

The hair-net of lust


Serotonin, serotonin

The ball pit of my day

Serotonin, serotonin

Please don’t go away

Let me have some victory gin

And wrap myself up in your skin

I’m thinking of your skeleton, thin

Happy forever, serotonin.


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