The Clocks Are Ticking Backwards.

‘Why do you like her so much?’

‘She’s cool’, I replied.

‘What are we going to do with you’ said the man about thirty years older.

‘I never need to clean the dirt under my nails anymore

When I’m with her I don’t notice pylons

She can sometimes pull off wearing a leather jacket’.

Welcome to Lancashire. Please drive carefully.

I said there exists other worlds out there of daughters wearing their father’s beads, and boys who copy other boys writing and white middle class people who make friends in the Sri Lankan district.

‘’Do you remember when you were four and we found you lying down with the swans at Great Oak Hall lake?” asked thee.

‘She has that memory too’.

She remembers the bright orange lights of the night, and that confusing sadness around your first memory.

I wake up in the morning and I wonder why everything’s the same as it was…

Skeleton flashing.

‘You need to focus on your life really’. Fourth Gear.

When I met her dad, he taught me about the constellations of stars. He doesn’t mind if the door is a little open. He was executive producer once for some band session at Abbey Road.

We think of our childhoods.


When I first saw her, it was a Pret-A-Manger, Lucy Rose, love not lust acquaintance. But she almost cries at ‘Downtown’.

One hour outside of the city. We’ll be happy to live here.

Probably get a small, modern house and I’ll get a job at the power plant, pretend I’m Victorian.

She’s a friend. And we can have cinema outings with others. At the moment, we really like dancing together.


I would never find the words to explain all of what you’re doing wrong. It’s so fundamental, like your gene imprint. The sexual revolution wasn’t set up for just us.

I hope this is what it feels like it is.

We can go and watch pandas together.

Come visit you at Christmas time.

The clocks are spinning backwards now…

We’re just sleeping. The purest art form.

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  1. Forgive me for sounding holier-than-thou, but I love this because it dances all over the place and doesn’t end in a brick wall. Thank you for not ending in a brick wall. This is excellent writing.

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