The Girl Who Looked Like Catherine Parr.

The girl who looked like Catherine Parr

Tasty spit and a 90’s car,

Works in the library, concrete walls,

Asian persuasion cruising manor halls.


‘What is it like to wear that dress of hair?’

I typed my enquiry in.

‘I am the city poet

for that ginger old git,

and the secrets of your lunch

I can taste on your breath’.


There’s croquet during the day

In the eve, there’s Anne of Cleaves,

The jealous library assistant.

I made a crow’s nest, observing

The corners of her smile

That used to drive him wild,

The vicious old git.


Maybe I’d have fallen for Russian girl tsar

The ginger life won’t do it for me, Catherine Parr,

I go on walking behind the library trees

And by accident, I bump into Anne of Cleves.


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