Human Noise 2.

Starey Mary, shopping trolley lady

Cemetary east-side, fertile dumping floor

Voices creeping closer, stamping 90’s lampshade

The screaming mirror knows what my body never shows


Musical sirens, silence sprayed

Effecting butterflies, Wiesel crushed a snail

Whose hairy mattress itches killers dreams

And the Omagh cats slink and oscillate at night


Pet for a wife and a splinter in his eye,

Cenotaph for pet, the failing map will trick,

Nose ring, grape vine, grave finder boy

Worm burrowing further, he can’t piss in his sleep


Reduced to a box, monoxide laughing

Decay of the country, a pumpkin’s life story

Glory, glory glory hole, Kauri’s surround the camp,

The lamp without a shade jerks me right awake.


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