Safe When You Dream.

Now what is it that happens when you grow up?

Booster seat and booster pack

Become energy boosters and getting the sack

And you only become scared once the

Truth. Comes. Dawning!


Somewhere, a person dreams of dungaree blue skies

It’s a Cadburys world, it’s just covered in flies,

And I don’t really care about those middle-class lies

But how they maintain that look in their eyes

Which say’s ‘We’re safe’, ‘It’s the right choice’ and ‘We really can change the world’.

Growing up means this; a cynical balance of love and hate.


Now we know reality’s deal,

It’s big-arsed builders eating sushi, reading ‘the sun’,

And tough-nut primates who’s god gave them a gun,

But it’s not all really that immoral to steal,

And there’s that look again. We aren’t ever safe,

I know that this life’s for real.

  1. This. Was. Excellent. Love the humour and the anger mixed together, and words like primates and sushi and big-arsed, there’s just not enough such language in poetry. Very well done.

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