‘Somebody You May Know’

How can I make this portrait of a Person –

I don’t think you’d ever hear me utter the words ‘ I want to have a word with you’ in a dimly lit hallway.  Ambiance is not my speciality – or ever see me wear sunglasses seriously. As the sun hides, you have to take them off eventually, like a happy scene has to somehow turn rotten. These aren’t my damn rules… It just is what happens to matter, and I’m not not ok with that.

I’m certain I could never attach so much significance to my name as to make insignia. Nor may I be the type to tell her she’s having a ‘tantrum’ in supermarket isle. And it’s never really convincing when I shout at the dogs – even less so a girls name, passionately in the town square, on market day. Second or third home I’m sure I’ll never have, or will I ever drive a big car, just to hear the engine roar.

Myself, I can’t help but write more of my own words than trying to read the classics, just to fill my tabula rasa. I’m simply not bi-polar and am not really interested in it. I do want to smoke near your friends families kids; it is you lot who never considers that you could all perish in a car crash. The horror lessens if you think about it more

I matured too quickly. I spend time thinking about how money will someday disintegrate but is currently worth so much to so many, rather than concerning myself with the tax dodge. I just write poems about cliched subject matter, with cliched endings.  I am me.


22. 07. 12


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